Magic Squares Quilt

The Magic Squares Quilt Pattern Gives a 3D Affect To The Finished Piece.

Create an optical illusion piece at a time.  By using contrasting material, strategically placed, the finished quilt has a 3-D appearance to it.  The quilt fabric consists of 3 light fabrics, 3 dark fabrics and 2 border colors.  The pattern for the squares is basically the same, but consists of 3 different sizes.  Batiks or a combination of batiks and solids would really make this a beautiful quilt and the solid black really makes the squares pop!

Go here to see the YouTube Video below for a brief overview of of this magical quilt created by Helene Knott.

Magic Quilt 2

The pattern for this quilt can be purchased from Erica’s Crafts And Sewing Center  here.