Easy Quilted Easter Egg Mats

Make An Easter Egg Candle Mat or Make Place Mats For Your Easter Dinner Table With This Fast Quilting Project.

I found this picture for these quilted Easter Egg Mats on Pinterest but no instructions.  But this doesn’t look too difficult.  Take strips of brightly colored fabric and sew them together then take an easter egg template and cut one from the strips and then another from whatever backing you choose.  Cut a third “egg” from a piece of quilt batting and place it on the wrong side of the pieced egg top.  Place the right sides of the egg top and bottom together.  Be sure to keep the batting on the wrong side of the egg top.  Sew around the edges leaving an opening to to turn the piece inside out.  Clip the edges, turn the piece, close the opening, press and enjoy!

Easter Egg Candle Mats


Do a stich-in-the-ditch quilt pattern or any other quilting pattern that you choose to finish the mats.

Make a candle mat with a smaller egg pattern or enlarge the pattern and make cute place mats for your Easter dinner table.  I’ve included an egg template below that you can enlarge to the desired size for your Easter Egg project.

Easter Egg Free Form