Colorful Stash-Buster Quilts

Use Some Of Your Material Stash And Create An Eye-Catching Quilt

A colorful quilt gets immediate attention.  The more color, the quicker it catches the eye.  I’ve listed a couple of quilts here that are sure to catch anyone’s eye.  The beauty of these quilts is that they can be made using some of the stash material that we all collect and save.  Put that left-over material to good use and create one of these beautiful master-pieces!

This Dresden Plate Quilt is created by Jessica Skultetty and shows color variants to create a bright, cheerful quilt. You can see more of Jessica’s creations here.



Sharon Burgess at Lilabelle Lane Creations calls this a Postage Stamp Quilt.  Like The Dresden Plate above, Sharon has grouped together like colors and arranged them to create an attractive, colorful quilt.  Great stash-buster!  Go here to see more of Sharon’s creations.


Melissa Corry, aka The Happy Quilter, has created this Irish Chain quilt, again grouping like-colors to create a unique pattern.  Go here to see more of Melissa’s creations.

Irsh Chn




Check back as we will be adding more colorful stash-busters in the future!