BOO-tacular Wall Quilt

Add Some Whimsy To Your Halloween Decorating With This Cute Wall Quilt.

This cute applique wall hanging is brought to us by Sandi Colwell and  The finished piece measures 25 1/2″ x 27 1/2″.  The templates are below and do not include seam allowances.  Please note they are printed in reverse to use with fusible web.  See the materials list, templates and directions for this cute wall hanging below.

Happy Halloween!  Happy Quilting!



Fabric Requirements:
Orange print (letters, outer border) 1/2 yd.
Black print (hat, bat) 7˝ x 8˝ piece
White solid (lollipop, sticks, ghosts) 6˝ x 7˝piece
astel stripe (lollipops, candy) 6˝ x 7˝ piece
Red texture (candy, apples) 8˝ x 10˝ piece
Tan print (apple sticks) 5˝ x 6˝ piece
Brown solid (apple, caramel) 5˝ x 8˝ piece
Purple spiderweb print (background, pinwheels) 5/8 yd.
Lime mottle (pinwheels, inner border) 3/8 yd.
Black texture (binding) 1/2 yd.
Paper-backed fusible web 1 yd.
Backing 1 yd.
Batting size 32˝ x 34˝
Embroidery floss, black;  2 silver hot-fix crystals 3 mm (optional); Hot-fix crystal applicator (optional); Dark and light fabric markers

Cutting Intructions (cut in order listed, before cutting appliqué) Note: Cutting instructions for appliqué shapes are on templates at the end of pattern.
Orange print
*2 strips 2H˝ x 19H˝
*2 strips 2H˝ x 17H
Purple spiderweb print
*1 rectangle 17H˝ x 19H˝
*8 squares 2M˝ x 2M˝
Lime mottle
*8 squares 2M˝ x 2M˝
*2 strips 2H˝ x 19H˝
*2 strips 2H˝ x 17H˝
Black texture
*4 strips 2H˝ x width of fabric (binding)
*Border strips are cut to exact length.

Making the Wall Hanging Top
1. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for paper-backed fusible web. Trace Templates A-M on paper side of fusible web. Cut apart, leaving small margin beyond drawn lines. Fuse to wrong side of appropriate fabrics; cut out on drawn lines. Use fabric markers to mark placement dots for eyes and mouths on the ghosts, and eyes on the bat (if using hot-fix crystals for eyes). Finger-press purple rectangle in half on both length and width; use folds as placement guide. Position A-M in alphabetical order (Diagram I). Fuse in place.


2.  Draw diagonal line on wrong side of lime mottle 2M˝ square. Referring to Diagram II-A, place marked square on purple 2M˝ square, right sides together. Sew G˝ seam on each side of marked line; cut apart on marked line. Open and press to make 2 pieced squares. Make 16. Sew together 4 pieced squares (Diagram II-B) to make pinwheel. Make 4.


3. Note: Refer to Assembly Diagram for this step. Stitch together 1 each lime and orange 17H˝ strips to make side border. Make 2. Sew to sides of appliquéd rectangle. Stitch together 1 each lime and orange 19H˝ strips. Sew 1 pinwheel to each end. Make 2. Sew to top and bottom.


Quilting and Finishing
4. Layer, baste, and quilt. Sandy machine outline quilted around all edges of the appliqué using a blanket stitch (Diagram III), except for ghosts, which are quilted with a straight stitch. Each lollipop is also quilted with a spiral. A continuous candy design is quilted on the inner border, and borders are also quilted in the ditch. Bind with black texture.


Using black embroidery floss, satin stitch ghost eyes and mouths (Diagram IV). Optional: Following manufacturer’s instructions, apply 2 hot-fix crystals for bat eyes.





All information for this wall quilt was taken from  Go here for the original pattern and information.